What We Do For You

We provide a legal and cost effective way to protect your work. We file your work along with all the necessary forms through our secure electronic submission account administered by the U.S Copyright Office; speeding up the process and providing greater security for you. Other companies that don't use digital processing can make you wait for up to 2 years to receive your certificate, and there is a good possibility that your work will be lost or damaged by the U.S Copyright Office, while awaiting certification. Digital Submission receives a quicker turn around time, insuring greater security and takes only 6-9 months to receive your official certificate.

We deal directly with the U.S. Copyright Office, so you can relax and know your work is professionally copyrighted by a company that has already helped thousands protect their most valued work.

Why is it important to copyright your work?

Copyrighting is the best way to legally protect your work because it establishes a public record of your copyright with a government agency - the Federal U.S Copyright Office.

Many people attempt to copyright their work themselves only to have their submission returned due to inaccurate form preparation and material submission. We make sure your work is copyrighted correctly the first time and the copyright office will accept your submission; saving you time, money and making sure your work is really protected.

Copyrighting protects your work in two important ways:

  1. It lets people know that you are the owner of the work and that it is legally protected. In other words, it makes them think twice before they infringe on your legal rights to the ownership of your work.
  2. If someone should use part or all of your work, you have an official copyright registration with the U.S government to prove that you are the owner of your work and that your work was registered on a particular date.

If your work is not registered and someone else uses or claims your work as their own, you will have to go to great lengths to prove that you are the originator of the work. Copyrighting your work with the U.S Copyright Office provides enormous protection against possible infringement. If your work is registered with the U.S Copyright Office before an infringement occurs, you may be eligible for large statutory damages of up to $150,000.